Posted July 31, 2014

Take your senses on an afternoon trip to the Hawaiian islands. Kent Knorr, instructor at the North Carolina Ukulele Academy, brings the aloha to you with a ukulele performance that presents the instrument’s history in song. Ever wonder who created the first ukulele? Ever wonder how it caught on in Hawaii and beyond? Follow the ukulele’s royal history-from its humble origins to its rumbling rise throughout the mainland in the early twentieth century and finally, to the new talents and trends of today. Kent will share the entertaining story of the uke through the ages and accompany it with lively music from each era.  

Check out a display of over 50 vintage and collectible ukuleles.  Kent Knorr is the founder of the North Carolina Ukulele Academy, in Wilmington. Established in 2007, it’s the only academy and ukulele store of its kind in the region. Offering all levels of ukulele instruction, the academy focuses on the spirit of aloha while teaching people to make their own music and share it with their family, or ohana.  Join Kent for a musical ukulele journey through history.

Sunday August 10th, 4pm

On the Ukulele Academy Stage

Admission: $12.00

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