Posted August 23, 2018

Join us SATURDAY, August 25 from 4 to 6 as we sing and strum the ukulele—it’s gonna be fun!

The songs we play at our jam come from Daily Ukulele 1 & 2 by Jim Beloff. Want your own copy? We have the books available for sale in our Ukulele Shop.

Songlist for the upcoming Jam
(Find these in Book 1, the yellow book):
Ain’t Misbehavin’, p. 15, Key of C
Beautiful Dreamer, p. 33, Key of C
I Feel Fine, p. 118, Key of C
Buffalo Gals, p. 40, Key of C

(Find these in Book 2, the blue book):
L-O-V-E, p. 230 Key of G
Freight Train, p.123 Key of C
Stayin’ Alive, p. 316, Key of Em