Energy, aloha and musical fun! Little Strummers classes are group gatherings of lively wiggleworms who experience rhythm, melody and movement through the ukulele and creative programs and activities. We believe children benefit more from music when it is ‘caught’ instead of ‘taught’. Little Strummers are children from 2 to 6 years. Classes are 6 week programs. Classes gathers once a week.

Hey, Two, Three, Four!

Ages 2, 3, 4  .  45 min. class, meets weekly for 6 weeks
10:30AM EST
This class series encourages developing speech and singing skills and indulges every child’s desire to get up and move!

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Ukulele Keiki, Age 5-6, Thurs 4pm

Ages 5, 6  .  45 min. class, meets weekly for 6 weeks
Thurs, Apr 16
4:00PM EST

Price: $149.99

Keiki, (kay’-kee) is the Hawaiian word for child and that’s just who this course is tailored for. For kids who are developmentally 5-6 years old,

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